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Wine Toast

Awards & Reviews

Passo del Sud Appasimento

"Ok here is my assessment both myself and Dan like it a great wine for a pasta meal"

Rechsteiner Pinot Grigio

"a very nice wine"

Dave from Newmarket

Passo del Sud Edizione

"Edizione has just been officially moved from the sample list to the approved list"

Paul from Midland

Sicily 6pk

"The Viognier is delicious!!!! My sister in law and I want to share a case!!!! Can we get more please?!!!"

Poly from Scarborough

Tagaro Wines

"Fabulous - smooth red ,complex flavours.  Loved it !!!"

Kathy from Ajax

Ward Valley Sauvignon Blanc

"#1 So far the Ward Valley Sauv Blanc is my fave. It is fresh and crisp and supremely quaffable! Fruity and citrusy without sweetness. This is probably bad to say, but I like that it is not as herbaceous and green as other NZ Sauvs."

Leah from Scarborough

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