Kranemann Wine Estates

Hasso White.png

Hasso White


A pale yellow wine with a green hue. It has a fresh and crisp nose demonstrating its youthful character, with predominantly citrus and green apple aromas and good minerality. Its fresh acidity, light and well-balanced body with its fruit and alcohol content lend it a lively and prolonged finish.

Hasso Tinto.png

Hasso Tinto


A ruby coloured wine with intense and wild fruit aromas, gum rockrose and floral notes. It is fresh, mineral and characteristically a Douro wine on the palate.

Tawny Port.png

Tawny Port 

Garnet coloured, delicate but elegant nosed wine, showing slight evolution from red fruits to dried fruit and almonds. Good balance of sweetness and acidity, balanced on the palate with a long smooth finish (tasted on 28 May 2019).

10 Yr Tawny                       .png

10 years old Tawny Port


87 pts Robert Parker - Lively and attractive tawny coloured wine. Intensely fresh, lively and rich aroma with harmonious notes of dried fruit, almonds and honey. Very delicate on the palate and deliciously soft while maintaining its volume. Balance highlighted by the well-evolved fruit leading to a vibrant, lively and long finish.

20 Yr Tawny.png

20 years old Tawny Port


89 pts Robert Parker - An amber coloured, brilliant and attractive wine; delicate but intensely rich and aromatic nose with complexity stemming from extensive and quality ageing in wooden casks. Hints of almonds, honey and orange peel predominate giving it an overwhelming sense of freshness. Deliciously soft and wonderfully fruity, sweet and acidic balance on the palate, leading to a vibrant, fresh and remarkably persistent finish.