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Wine Cellars International Ltd.


About Us


Wine Cellars International was established in 2001 when Mario D. Cassano was visiting his beloved birthplace in Puglia.  His keen eye for business and passion for Apulian wines was a perfect marriage that blossomed into a business importing wines into Canada.

These beginnings marked representation of five wineries, each with a long history of vinting indigenous grapes from the celebrated region of Puglia: Primitivo, Negromaro and Nero di Troia grapes. Mario built the company’s foundation from this exquisite terroir that boasts Italy’s second largest wine producing region. His passion came on and fed after a 25-year odyssey to discover the hidden gems of Ontario’s wine lovers. This journey led to the creation of the wine: Passo del Sud with his great friend Benedetto Lorusso!

Since its humble roots focused on Italy, Wine Cellars International has grown into a large, global portfolio. With a dedicated team that operates with a high level of integrity, honesty and above all passion for bringing fine wines to their customers table. The team’s focus on their customers, suppliers and industry partners has paid off over the last 20 years. These relationships allow the team to provide the highest level of service, education and value. Our mission is and always will be; to provide great quality wines at a quality value, with the highest quality of service!

Mario D. Cassano


Our Cellar

Wine Cellar International represent a collection of distinguished products from around the world.

Red Wine

“Taste my journey! Uncork the magic of my Trip back to Southern Italy to rediscover my roots and experience the authenticity of a smooth but intense full bodied red wine from the Puglia region.  Live my dream!"

― Mario D. Cassano

Featured Wines


Passo del Sud Lunare

Tagaro Group

Puglia, Italy

Tasting Notes +

Passo del Sud Appassimento.jpg

Passo del Sud Appassimento

Tagaro Group

Puglia, Italy

Tasting Notes +

Game Reserve shiraz.png

Game Reserve Shiraz

Rooiberg Wynmakery PTY

South Africa

Tasting Notes +

Hasso White.png

Hasso White

Kranemann Estate Wines


Tasting Notes +

Vintages Release

Mancinello Nero Di Troia 2018

Screen Shot 2021-10-29 at

Coming Soon To LCBO Classics

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